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Professional  Carpet & Upholstery De-infestation Treatment


This treatment is ideal if you have pets or infestation problem and is compliant with any “de-infestation” clause that you might need to fulfil as per your tenancy agreement when you move out.

The treatment will be clearly itemised by room/area on your invoice if you need to present this to your Landlord or Estate Agents.

Our stream cleaning methods is highly effective in the control of dust mites and other allergens; however other pests can be harder to remove and sometimes require extra treatment.

In order to apply professional insecticide on carpets and upholstery we initially have to steam clean the items thoroughly  using our industrial cleaning machines. The steam eliminates most of the infection which is then removed from your carpets by the huge vacuum volume that’s created by the machines.


The insecticide spray is applied through a pressure canister whilst the carpets or upholstery is still damp. This is the best and most effective way of eradicating and preventing the following types of infestations.


*Cat Fleas


* Dog Fleas


*Carpet Moths


*Carpet Beatles




*Grain Weevils


*Bed Bugs


*Mill Moths


*And a wide range of other crawling and flying insects


Our insecticide and de-infestation has no smell during or after use, and the is no fire risk. It is safe around children cat dogs and most other pets. (Goldfish and pet birds will have to be removed from treatment areas till carpets are fully dry)

Our insecticide and de-infestation treatment is highly effective on most types carpets and upholstery and is one of the most through and cost effective methods available on the market.

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